Cannot add multiple printers - duplcate sysName

Dear LibreNMS Community,

I’m new with LibreNMS, adding my devices to system. I’m stuck with adding Ricoh printers - got several Ricoh MP 301 printers, and I can add only one, since when trying to add more of them I have an error message:
" Already have device due to duplicate sysName:

aficio mp 301

I have changed the printers name in printers configuration, but the problem remains. How to solve it?

There is an option in config on the web UI to allow multiple times the same sys name, I don’t remember exactly where it is but it exists for sure

Thank you. I’ve found in:
Global Settings → Global → * allow_duplicate_sysName false parameter

Then I have found the switch in Global Settings → General Discovery Settings → Allow Discovery sysName switch and now it works

Thank you for the tip @ElemondCraw

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