Can't install, problem w/ composer

I am using this guide to install on the RPi:

And am getting this issue:

can anyone help me get past it?

For raspberry pi install guide check this out

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Yep, you are missing some requirements.

So it looks like my pi didn’t have current date/time so after a fresh iso install and time fix, some of the composer issued disappeared, but now am at this problem:



You need either a newer version of PHP (7.1+, 7.3 recommended) or an old version of LibreNMS (not recommended)

The problem is there are no newer versions available on the pi as of yet, and forcing them breaks or won’t install correctly.
I just had it working till a power outage corrupted it and now can’t get it back up.

What did you try? There are some instructions that might help here.

Try searching the web, you should be able to find something.

Most of the steps here:
As well as the comment here: LibreNMS on Raspberry Pi
about changing the repo, but no luck on either.

Is there a way to install a version that is older to just get it to install?