Can't Ping Device ipv6 on Windows Servers

When adding windows servers , LibreNMS returns an error if it can not ping the device. This has not been a problem 95% of the time. Once in a while I will have a server that when I ping it, it returns its ipv6 address. If I ping it with the -4 prefix, it returns its ipv4 address.

LibreNMS returns an error message and fails to add the server when the ping returns the ipv6 address. How can I get LibreNMS to realize the ipv6 address is valid or to use the -4 prefix?

This is a production environment with many windows servers and I can’t simply disable ipv6 because LibreNMS can’t work with it.


I’m not sure I really understand what is going on for you here. can you just explain what you are doing and what doesn’t work rather than switching between what does and doesn’t work.

Add a Device to LibreNMS using the servers hostname. I get an error saying LibreNMS can not ping the device and the device is not added. Then I ping the servers hostname myself with powershell terminal and it returns the ipv6 address. Apparently LibreNMS has trouble validating an Ipv6 address. If I ping the server hostname with the powershell terminal using the -4 prefix, then it returns the ipv4 address, but I’m not figuring out how to tell LibreNMS to accept the ipv6 address.

Please run and post output of ./validate.php

You’re talking about using powershell to ping, I assume you installed LibreNMS on a linux box so we just do ping6 [IP]

Try that.