Can't seem to get network map working

i’ve got discovery enabled and snmpscan (most were added by snmpscap).

Right now i have my network restricted for snmp scan by some subnets while i’m in testing before expanding it to entire network.

I’ve run into a weird issue with the network map… nothing shows up, well correction one set of devices oddly started showing up randomly, but nothing else…

I have 3 cambiums and a switch that should be showing as neighbors, the switch sees the cambium sysName as a neighbor, and has lldp discovery enabled and i checked the mac addresses even show up on each other in the FDB tables in librenms.

But Alas no go it doesn’t show up as neighbors, the cambium’s dont support lldp-mib so they don’t show neighbors, but if the FDB shows theirs a connection, and the switch sees the cambium as a neighbor why wouldn’t the map generate? The cambium connected to the CMM doesn’t see a neighbor either but it still that one shows up as neighbors.

I feel like i’m missing something stupid or i ran into a really annoying bug.

Did you read ?

You cannot map based on fdb entries, you can use ARP (but that can produce a messy map).

Yes it says it can work via Mac which I took to mean FDB as what else does by Mac mean?

Also in my example the lldp for xdp should work unless it needs to see the link from both sides as in my case the switch sees the canopy but the canopy doesn’t support lldp-mib yet