Can't view LiberNMS webpage on raspbian RPI3

We are currently trying to use a few RPI3s for dashboarding, using grafana for metrics , exported by Libres polling.

Now we wanted to view the events and alarms from Libre but the swebapge isn’t loading in chromium , the default browser on raspbian.

Have anyone else been successfull att loading/viewing libre on raspian with chromium?

Could we get grafana to read the events from libres db directly perhaps? As a workaournd

You can use grafana to use a mysql database source.

As for why your web page isn’t loading, you’ve not given us any info to work on with that but hosting on a Rpi3 won’t be an issue.

You are correct :slight_smile: Im using FullpageOS with
Chromium Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) Built on Raspbian , running on Raspbian 9.4 (32-bit

Is there any documentation to figure out the sql querry for get the latest events?

I fuond events in the database, but not the alerts as seen/presented by the libre dashboard.

If I were building a Grafana table similar to LibreNMS’s Alerts > Alert History using the Grafana time selector I would try…

SELECT `alert_log`.`time_logged`,`devices`.`hostname`,`alert_rules`.`name`
FROM   `alert_log`,`alert_rules`,`devices`
WHERE  `alert_log`.`device_id` = `devices`.`device_id`
 AND   `alert_log`.`rule_id` = `alert_rules`.`id`
 AND   `alert_log`.`state` != 0
 AND   `alert_rules`.`disabled` != 1
 AND   `devices`.`disabled` = 0
 AND   $__timeFilter(`alert_log`.`time_logged`)

If I just wanted a table with current alerts, similar to the LibreNMS Alerts > Notitications I would try…

SELECT `alerts`.`timestamp`,`devices`.`hostname`,`alert_rules`.`name`
FROM   `alerts`,`alert_rules`,`devices`
WHERE  `alerts`.`device_id` = `devices`.`device_id`
 AND   `alerts`.`rule_id` = `alert_rules`.`id`
 AND   `alerts`.`state` != 0
 AND   `devices`.`disabled` = 0

And event log table with Grafana time selector should be similar…

SELECT `eventlog`.`datetime`,`devices`.`hostname`,`eventlog`.`message`,`eventlog`.`type`,`eventlog`.`severity`
FROM   `devices`,`eventlog`
WHERE  `eventlog`.`device_id` = `devices`.`device_id`
 AND   `devices`.`disabled` = 0
 AND   $__timeFilter(`eventlog`.`datetime`)
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Thanks !!! I would have sent you a cold one, if it was possible :slight_smile:

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