cefcFRUPowerStatus alert when CiscoEnvMonState gives code 5 (notPresent)


I have Cisco C9300 switches, both with 1 PSU and with 2 PSUs and monitor these with LibreNMS. Although almost everything works out-of-the-box I do encounter a problem with the PSU alerting.

When I use the switches with 1 PSU the second PSU has state 5 ‘notPresent’ on CiscoEnvMonState/ciscoEnvMonSupplyState (OID . and state 1 ‘offEnvOther’ on cefcFRUPowerStatus/cefcFRUPowerOperStatus (OID .
The alert is given for cefcFRUPowerOperStatus for being off although the power supply is not present.

I’m open to suggestions on how to fix this so that when I add new devices they won’t give an alert if the power state is off and the power supply isn’t present. Could you please help me?

kind regard,

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