Cent OS 8 Installation error

I am new to LbreNMS and trying it on CentOS 8 as per the installation link but stuck at the following error. Please advise.

Install PHP dependencies

[[email protected] ~]$ ./scripts/composer_wrapper.php install --no-dev
Error: Failed to download installer signature from https://composer.github.io/installer.sig
Composer not available, please manually install composer.


looks like composer is not installed on your system.
I’ve seen that ist missing in the docs.

Install composer via dnf install composer.

Then retry.

This happens when your device does not have internet access. Often it is when the proxy is not set correctly.

Hm, but why is it possie to download via dnf. This also needs internet access ant the TO didnt’n mention that he changed something in the meanwhile. Without internet access we should have ran I to issues before.