Centos 7 : oxidized-web failed with default Centos 7 ruby version

I’m new to oxidized.
I try to install it on a fresh centos 7 install with https://github.com/ytti/oxidized/blob/master/README.md#centos-oracle-linux-red-hat-linux doc.

In the doc :
RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 will work out of the box with the following package list:
yum install make cmake which sqlite-devel openssl-devel libssh2-devel ruby gcc ruby-devel libicu-devel gcc-c++ : OK
gem install oxidized : OK
gem install oxidized-script : OK
gem install oxidized-web : NOK
ERROR: Error installing oxidized-web:
rb-inotify requires Ruby version >= 2.2.
Is there always a way to install oxidized-web with default ruby package in Centos 7 ?