Certain dashboard gadgets rendering incorrectly

Hi. I’ve been working on porting LibreNMS to FreeBSD and everything is working rather nicely. The only thing I’m currently seeing an issue with is the rendering of certain dashboard gadgets, specifically:

  • Eventlog
  • Globe
  • Worldmap

It is probably easier to demonstrate with an image than it is to describe it:

Basically, Eventlog, Globe and Worldmap overrun their borders.

I’m aware that this is not normal behaviour because I have access to a LibreNMS instance that’s running on Debian that is not seeing these issues (shown below):

It might also be worth noting that on both FreeBSD and Debian servers the Notes and Top Interfaces gadgets have horizontal scrollbars no matter how large you make the gadget.

Provide the output of validate.php.

I expect it is just because your install is out of date.

Hi laf, and thanks for the response.

I am running release 1.26, which is commit 737865c if that helps.


Component Version
LibreNMS 1.26
DB Schema 182
PHP 5.6.30
MySQL 5.6.35
RRDTool 1.6.0


[OK] Database connection successful

This is fixed in the latest master so will make it into the next stable at the end of the month.

Great to hear! Thanks for your help.