Change color of warning alert

Dear Community,
I searched everywhere but couldn’t find a way to change the color of warning,
it is shown as green by default which makes no sense.

How could i do it? Could anyone guide me?

could you please be more specific?
There are many positions an alert could be shown.

Thank you sourcedoctor for your review.

I created custom rule tagged as warning instead of criticial
but on the alert notification on the UI, it has a green signal.
Is it possible to customize these colors.

Also, i went through the UI and found this:

What do these alerts represent, I see HEX Color Codes but can’t identify how they have been tagged.
Like color.ok, does that mean Ok alert rule or color.bad does that mean critical or warning alert??

Does that make it clear? Do let me know :slight_smile:

looks like an Alert Rule you’ve created.
Could you give me a screenshot of the rule?

Here it is…

have you tried it in other Theme e.G. “light” ?

Let me try once more and i will get back to you.
IS it the case warnings always have green color?


Yeah, it has green color even in the light theme…

thats in the Alert Widget on Dashboard, or where it is?

Its on a widget but its the same on the alert history as well.

your LibreNMS is uptodate?

what says validate.php ?

yeah, it is uptodate and validate.php doesn’'t report any errors as well.

How can we customize the colors SourceDoctor?

This was supposed to be red

i triggerd a warning on my productive system. looks like this:

Wow that is exactly what i wanted to see.
That color, how can i customize it for warning alerts?

It’s a screenshot from my Alert Widget on Dashboard.
There is no customization, thats the default as it should be on your side also.
That’s the reason why i’m confused about your issue all the time.

just to be sure.

what you are talking about. Did you look into “Alert History”?

i took a on what Page you’re looking and wrote an Pull Request to explain the Page a little bit better: