Change colour of the custom map legend

Would it be possible to change the colours of the custom map legend?

Currently it is difficult to see when a link has no traffic as 0% and 17% are green.

I would like to display the 0% in a different colour.

in custom map editor, double click on 0% in legend, then you can choose the color

I had already tried that. But as soon as I go to “save map”, the previous colour is set again.

Maybe it’s a bug?

I have just submitted a patch to remove the ability to edit the legend nodes, which was a bug.

Changing 0% to a different colour could be considered. Why do you need to highlighting these links a different colour? I ask because on our network 0% is not an issue, so green is good.

One thin to consider is that 0% on the custom map just means <0.005% (0.006% will get rounded up to 0.01%), and when I look at the details for interfaces I almost never see anything at a true 0% (0bps). Most of the time there is a small amount of background traffic (between 300bps and 10kbps). Do you want an alternate colour at 0bps, or anything <0.005%?

Depending on your answers above, my initial thoughts would be to use a dark grey colour, and to create a new configuration option to define a threshold where anything under this threshold uses the dark grey colour. (e.g. if the threshold is set to 0.005%, anything that currently shows as 0% on the graph will use the different colour). This would then accommodate someone with highlighting links that drop below much higher thresholds if needed.

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Thank you very much for your feedback.
In our network 0% is basically not an error.

We work with a ring structure in which traffic is regularly routed to the left and right. The centre connection normally has no traffic.

Due to the current green colours, it is more difficult for us to verify whether the traffic is taking the right route. Although there is significantly more traffic on the outer connection than on the centre one.

Exactly, an alternative colour for a defined threshold value. Perhaps this can also be implemented in the same way as for “Hide 100%+”.

I have added a screenshot of the legend of the “old” Weather Map plugin. In this case, the colours were independent of each other.

Weather Map Legend

We are otherwise very happy with the new custom map.

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@eskyuu, It would be nice if 0% to 1% had a color other than green, it is visually more pleasant to see when you have a backbone with several links and there are always traffic changes.

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