Change Graphing?

Is it possible to change the graphing engine, or change the graphing? I just started using LibreNMS, and I love what it is capable of. However, the graphing leaves a bit to be desired compared to other NMS systems I have demoed.

For example, when you put your mouse cursor over a datapoint, it does not actually tell you the value of that data point. Is there anyway to fix this issue?

There is also no pinch to zoom functionality.

I have read on Reddit that Libre supports other graphing engines, but I can’t seem to find any information on this. The standard graph is RDD right?

Yes uses RRD, no other graphing engine, but you might want to check out in web settings there is a dynamic graph feature to allow you to click+up click+down to zoom in and out.

Awesome. Looks like that allows dynamic zoom in and out. Is there an option where you can put your mouse cursor over a data point, and it show you that value?

Nope, but if you want to use grafana which has very pretty graphs, check out LibreNMS influxdb export