Changing Hostname / IP of device

Hi, I am trying to change the hostname / ip address of a device. We changed the devices IP but want to keep the old graphs.

I change the ip address but for some reason it doesn’t ever change.
There is a host rename tool called renamehost.php in your librenms root directory. When renaming you are also changing the device’s IP / hostname address for monitoring. Usage:


OK thank you!

I was having the same issue, changing it via the Web UI didn’t work. I was able to make it work using the API’s /device/:hostname/rename/:new_hostname endpoint.

Good to know about the php tool.

I was also having issues renaming via the web GUI and the PHP script. Both seems to exit successfully - the PHP tool even returned with Renamed, but nothing changed.

Eventually figured out that it was because I’m running a distributed system, where the web server and RRD directory/RRDcached are not on the same machine. Once I ran the PHP tool on the server with the RRD files, worked fine.