Check_MK_Agent Windows Monitoring

Hello everyone!
I would like to monitor our Windows server with Librenms.
But without SNMP because SNMP v3 is no longer supported by Server 2016/19.

Somehow I don’t get the check_mk agent to work either. Can anyone give me a help?

I already checked firewall settings for port 6556 on both machines and activate Unix-Agent in Polar Modules etc. But no data send to my librenms Server?

I wound up using NSClient++ it has the modules you need built in and has several security options. You do have to enable the modules after installing it. With Check_MK you have to download the specific modules you want and set them up correctly. To be honest though I only use it for monitoring services on a server. That was pretty complex in and of itself took a few days and a lot of googling. Without SNMP not sure you would get a lot of usable information. Librenms is a fork of Observium, Librenms is better than observium in several ways. However Observium allows built in WMI checking utilizing its free version and its pay version is only a couple hundred dollars a year. Zabbix is confusing as F but it is also free and has a client you install on the windows server. These might be better options if you aren’t wanting to use SNMP.

The image below is the command for NSClient++ if\when you get it working the obfuscated parts are the password and the name of the service ( blocked out the name of the service as it is specific to an application)

Thank you for the detailed feedback!

Then I will maybe look at the other solutions again, but actually I like Librenms very, very much or I have to try it with the NSClient ++.

I like LibreNMS too and use it to monitor our school. Only mentioned the others due to you stating you didn’t want to use SNMP. I wish that LibreNMS would include WMI, I have no idea why they wont as this is a fork of observium which has the capabilities. Librenms, give you far more freedom though and ties into more 3rd party goodies - like Oxidized (another difficult but worthwhile application).

I typically use LibreNMS more for network monitoring. I was using Zabbix for servers, but then found that I really didn’t care\need to know much more than up\down and basic stats and LibreNMS provides that through SNMP. I made our community string super long after figuring it out.

Additionally, I think there are some 3rd party apps that will bring SNMP v3 to windows.

To use NSClient++ you have to figure out how to use it as well. So you basically have to figure out how to use both applications. Once installed find the NSClient++ -ini- file you will see a list of servers that can access NSClient and a list of modules that will be by default disabled. Enable the ones you want and try checking them with various commands.

Best of luck to you, if I can help in the future I would be glad too, but I am still pretty novice and usually figure things out through trial and error, googling and patience.

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