Check Service once or twice on day


We use LibreNMS´s services to monitoring a lot of NRPE´s services every 5 minutes.

Sometimes we need do this monitor once or twice times a day only, to avoid false alerts.

The problem is: how to monitor specific NRPE´s services once or twice a day and all the others every 5 minutes?

Hi @danielfranc
This is not possible in LibreNMS. But if you develop something, feel free to contribute it to the project !

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Just a thought. What happens if you disable the service from being polled automatically so you don’t get many false alerts
and set up a bash script in cron to manually run poller for that service device?

./check-services.php -h 203

203 is the ID of the device. You can try adding -d flag to see the debug output while testing.
Not sure if this works as you would expect but it may be worth giving a shot.