Checkpoint graphs show bit instead of bytes


Hi, this is my first message on this community.

I recently installed librenms on centos 7 with php 7.2. I’m monitoring some network device as switch, router and firewall, all works very well, but I have some doubts on checkpoint’s network interface graph.
I have 2 firewall checkpoint R80.10, librenms detect them without issues, but graphs of interface not use the correct measure. The graph give me an avarage of 40Mbps but should be about 400Mbps.
I analyzed it with the command cpview on gaia os.
Maybe it’s acquire the data in bytes and show in graph as bits without conversion.
I tried to analize the source code without success.
Is there a solution?
Thank you for your suggestions…


Isn’t cpview using live/ low interval statistics ?

Remember the LibreNMS SNMP interval is an average over 5 minutes by default.

LibreNMS also displays the total data usage volume on the graph in bytes at the bottom, does that match for the time period?

Check the interface speed is also correct for that interface.

You can also check if you see anything different on Real time tab