Chrony Application

I see chrony was recently added as an application. I am familiar with applications and already runs number of them now including ntp.

I installed and on the local machine can run the chrony script and receive the expected output in the console.

On my librenms machine, the application is detected, but when polled with the -vv flag the only error message is

chronyd:-2:Empty return from snmp_get.

Any ideas on next steps?

Same problem here.

Running poller.php with more output, gives:

No Such Instance currently exists at this OID


Yes, exact same output here when running with -d on the poller.

You didn’t set up the snmp extend. Sorry docs were not added by the author. If one of you manages to get it working, adding docs would be much appreciated!

FYI “” == chronyd, so that should be your extend name.

On the target host, running chronyd, I added “extend chrony /usr/local/bin/chrony” in snmpd.conf. But that does not work.
Can you please hint on what I’m missing?

Ah, made a typo in snmpd.conf, I had ‘chrony’ instead of ‘chronyd’.

Now I have the error:

/opt/librenms/includes/polling/ on line 520

that isn’t an error, just part of one :slight_smile:

I updated my snmpd.conf to chronyd and that fixed the majority of my systems. But on a couple I am seeing a timeout on the application module.

I can execute the script locally on the server and everything works, but as soon as i try to poll, it times out.

I tried reinstalling snmpd, coping known good configurations but I am still stuck. Running with -v or -d isnt helping, since all it reports is timeout.

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