Ciena Service Aggregation Switches

I’m interested in why my Ciena service aggregation switches are not pulling the health metrics specifically dwm, power, etc. They also do not pull the switch type, software version. There is a yaml and MIBs included OOB. Out of curiosity I installed observium which gave me everything I was looking for. I really need this to work! I’ve made sure that everything is good on the verify.php and ran the ./ Please help.

Hi @AB_Tony

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LibreNMS is a community based software. If your device does not come up, it means that nobody ever contributed it to LibreNMS.
The fastest would be that you actually do it. You probably have the highest motivation of the community if you own the device and need the support :slight_smile:
Doc pointer here :

If you cannot do it yourself, you can ask for support following this procedure :

Thank you for the response. I have opened an issue on GitHub.