Cisco 897 VAB - SNMP stops working after 10 hours

We have much different Cisco routers. Which are working perfectly.
Now we have a Cisco 897 VAB, with the same IOS software, as other types like the 887VA.

I have three of the 897VAB active, when I add those in LibreNMS all three give the result after 10 hours that SNMP isn’t giving a reaction anymore. So the SNMP stops working on all 897VAB after the same time.

I tested much different IOS types. All of them give the same result: SNMP stops working after +/- 10 hours.

I have no idea anymore, how to solve this problem.

Maybe someone here. Thanks.

@remcohofman Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m very curious to know what caused (and hopefully fixed) this.