Cisco APIC metrics on librenms


Is it possible to get the metrics and other information from the APIC of cisco ACI?
I added an apic on librenms but no information is displayed

thank you for your help

I don’t believe it’s possible. Libre gets all of ita data via SNMP. Meanwhile Cisco only makes the data available via their Rest API.

If that is true it is not currently possible with LibreNMS.

I did some further research into this, cause I’m also afflicted by Cisco’s wonderful decisions.

I came across this article: SNMP Configuration in ACI – How to ACI
In short - Cisco separated out general device info into a Global SNMP string, and the forwarding data into a per VRF Context SNMP String.

So to better support ACI with just SNMP, we’ll need Libre to support multiple SNMP strings per device…or can we add devices multiple times with different strings? (What a nightmare, thanks Cisco)

I’ve been thinking on this a bit further, and it would be hypothetically possible to setup some rudimentary API monitoring using the Nagios Services integration.

I’ll look into it further whenever I have time.