Cisco C6880x and unusable device

Hey guys, thought I would post this here instead of a github issue first. I added a Cisco C6880x device this weekend and its unusable in LibreNMS. There are a number of FEX’s with multiple IA switches attached to this device, a huge number of ports and components. I’ve tried tweaking my instance as per instructions, have disabled most of the 1600 ports, and disabled all modules in an attempt to turn them on one by one. Even just loading the device page takes a couple of minutes because of all the elements.

Not to sure where to take this, but i’ve gathered output of ./discovery.php -h HOST -v -m sensors and attached. If there was a way I could disable some of the sensor/health components for this device it could help but don’t see that option.

Its also listing by the looks of it every fex interface as a health component (cefcFRUPowerOperStatus) which at x1600.

Thanks for the help,



For ports, did you enable selected port polling after setting a lot of ports to disabled?

For sensors we don’t have anyway to filter them out, we should add that support.

Iaf, yes I enabled selected port polling, after disabling most of the ports.

discovery.php sensor output is to large for, if anyone wants to analyse please let me know an alternative method.