Cisco-CBQOS not graphing after 1.65 update

After update to 1.65 we have found that Cisco-CBQOS is not graphing. After some investigation I found following error when running command “./poller.php -h 49 -v -d -m cisco-cbqos”

RRDtool Output: ERROR: /opt/librenms/rrd/ found extra data on update argument: 1048919985:1966672:5

How can we solve this problem?


I had this problem also…but as I’m still preproduction I was able to delete the rrd’s and had it created from scratch. Seems ok now.

We would like to keep the historical data.

Anyone any idea how to fix it?

So, finally managed to solve it myself, by editing the rrd files:

find /opt/librenms/rrd -type f -iname "port-*-cbqos*.rrd" -print0 | while IFS= read -r -d $'\0' line; do
    rrdtool tune ${line} DS:prebits:COUNTER:600:0:NaN DS:prepkts:COUNTER:600:0:NaN DS:droppkts:COUNTER:600:0:NaN