Cisco CBS 350 reads wrong temperature

I’m using a Cisco CBS Stack.

It looks like librenms is not reading the temperatures correctly, right now I’ve on CLI:

Unit Type

1 CBS350-48P-4X
2 CBS350-48P-4X
3 CBS350-8XT
4 CBS350-8XT

Unit Fans Status


Unit Temperature (Celsius) Status

1 49 OK
2 37 OK
3 51 OK
4 52 OK

And LibreNMS reads:

|FAN 1 Temperature||9.44 °C|
|FAN 2 Temperature||2.78 °C|
|FAN 3 Temperature||10.56 °C|
|FAN 4 Temperature||11.11 °C|

Capture poller debug and find what value switch is returning for SNMP

Well it looks like librenms thinks that 49 is 49F where, in fact, it’s 49C.

How can this be fixed?

Farenheit strikes again. Is there a setting in the switch to change Temperature units? Likely it stupidly affects the snmp output.

Probably the original author had F set, so I guess remove the translation in LibreNMS. Unless there is a way to tell the units of the output value from the device.


I don’t see any setting on the switch to change to F.

However it seems Librenms is calculating the temperature because the SNMP output gives the temperature in “C”.

You didn’t understand what I said. LibreNMS always wants to work with Celsius unless told otherwise.

Whoever added the original sensors told LibreNMS that the values are in F. See here:

There has to be a reason they added it. I don’t have any clue about these devices and don’t have any so I can’t know the reasons. In order to innact change without breaking everyone, we would need to know the reason.

Got it!

Maybe it was in F on previous generations like SG350 :slight_smile:

Mine is a CBS350

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