Cisco devices have SNMP go offline while being polled by Libre (All of my CISCO887-VA-K9 and one C1111-4P)

The issue I’ve got is when I add one of my Cisco 887s to LibreNMS it knocks off the SNMP process for anything else I’ve got polling it:
The above image covers the last 30 minutes and shows another piece of software I’ve got reporting that my router is off multiple times (the yellow then red and coming back up is green).

To reproduce this I literally just need to add the device to LibreNMS devices. I’ve got about 40 other devices on here that are fine (different Cisco and some Fortinet kit) but I see it on 100% of my 887s, I added all 50 Cisco 887s that are live across my estate and thought I had a major outage because all 50 reported they were offline on my primary monitoring system.

Here is my validate, discovery and poller output:
Poller: See below, can only add 2 links


Probably your 887s get busy when libre poll thems.

First, check the device poller performance, which will tell you what modules are being polled and the time it takes for each one.

After that, remove unsued disco/poller modules for that device.

If the issue is with the ports polling (interfaces) you may need to move to selected port polling.

What I mean here is: Your 887s are the issue. They get busy with the snmpgets Libre sends. Maybe they have an old or bugged IOS?