Cisco IP SLA alerts


We just enabled the graph display on WEB UI for Cisco IP SLA with the following command: $config[‘enable_sla’] = 1; for our Cisco routers.
On the devices SLA tab, data is properly displayed after the change and I see all the configured SLA checks (rtt values) that are configured on the routers.

Yet, I was trying to find a way creating alert rules for each Cisco IP SLA that we have configured (for +20% of average rtt value and when the IP SLA is down), but I didnt manage to find any predefined templates from WEB UI.

Can anyone assist on configuring this kind of alerts?

Anyone that might be able to help with this?

In case anyone else has this issue, I managed to figure out the solution after some testing.
I created a generic alert in order to trigger some alert logs. From these logs I identified the LibreNMS SLA ID (which is different than the configured SLA number on the network devices (i.e. routers).
Than having the information of the average RTT of each SLA plus the SLA IDs gathered from the intentional alert and its alert logs, I created the following alert rule.

The alert is successfully tested and working as expected.