Cisco ISR1k & ISR4k routers monitored not showing correct assigned vlan on switchports

Hello everyone,

It seems that LibreNMS does not manage to poll correct vlan info for switchports on models in the Cisco ISR1K & ISR4K series. Most of the routers we monitor are models C1111-8PLTEEA & ISR4331/K9.

These are routers running IOS-XE with a switchport module of 4 or 10 switchports. Everything else seems to be polled fine on these models though.

In comparison older Cisco 8xx routers show vlan info correctly on their switchports, but these run regular IOS.

Here is an example, LibreNMS shows all switchports as being assigned to default vlan 1, while they actually are not:

Has anyone else had this problem, and is there some workaround / fix I can implement or does this need to be defined as a feature request?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this.