Cisco Meraki MIB Integration to LibreNMS

SNMP discovery and polling the Meraki Cloud Controller.

The cloud controller can be polled with the custom MIB (MERAKI-CLOUD-CONTROLLER-MIB) for Cisco Meraki.

Downloadable MIB file : []

The following page details the SNMP polling capabilities for the Meraki Dashboard:



Please checkl

any updates to Cisco Meraki device integration to LibreNMS?

Nope nobody has submitted code to add support for this.

We would be happy to help you develop it :slight_smile:

thanks PipoCanaja! greatly appreciated! i have limited experience in code development however if you require any additional information please advise.


updated the MIB, poller and discovery dumps to better assist development.

hi there, any udpate on this? i can provide additional meraki device configs like MS120-24, MX67, MX84, Z3.|

Dear Community,

I’ve found

But atm it seems the controller is still detected as generic device. Would be awesome if this could update the spartanic data, which the switches and access-points provide.

The best would be that you jump in and contribute the code. LibreNMS is community based, so basically, all is done by persons like you … :slight_smile:

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