Cisco Nexus 9K team says NO new features on snmp

I was on a Webex today with Cisco Nexus 9000 IP for Media team today. We discussed some new features and I asked how to monitor them. They say API or Telemetry. I ask what about SNMP? They respond. NO new features get support for SNMP.

So basically SNMP is End of Life in the networking world too.

So where does that leave Librenms that we all love and use every day?
Leave if for legacy stuff and move on to something else for the datacenter?

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Alternatively we could leave Cisco behind… :crazy_face:

That is a valid point, but this is not about Cisco, all vendors are moving on. SNMP is obsolete, 5 minutes average every 5 minutes is good enough for superficial statistics and trends, but not as a tool for a good baseline or troubleshooting. Alt least not in my DC networks…