Cisco ONS 15454 and NCS2K support for Optical Power (or Span Loss)

Hello! Brand new to the community but have been using LibreNMS on our ASR9K and other networks for about 8 months. LOVE IT! And Thank You to the community for development!

Anyway, We have about 50 Cisco ONS 15454 and NCS2K devices in our network performing ROADM functionality across the state. First of all, the system doesn’t seem to recognize the newer NCS2K devices, and I offer to provide MIBs if that is helpful to the group.

But the main reason for my feature request is to ask if anyone has had any success graphing Optical Power (or Span Loss) on this platform? If not, I’d like to submit a request for that functionality. We are seeing more and more of this platform in the market and graphing span loss over time would be a very helpful tool for administrators. Below is a sample of an area on our network showing the span loss output from the system. Graphing it over time would be awesome. Thank you for considering this request.

If anyone is interested, a few smart employees and partner companies were able to solve this for us. If you operate a Cisco ROADM network, you will appreciate the ability to monitor span loss over time. Below is a screen shot of how it looks. And here is an article from LinkedIn demonstrating our first important investigation using the data: Graphing ROADM Span Loss Helps Troubleshooting Efforts