Cisco switch problem

I’m experiencing a graph problem with my Cisco 4900M 10gig switch.

I can add it to the device list fine, and it shows up with all vlans and ports found.

The problem is the graph is not showing the full bandwidth flowing through the 10gig port.

There is a peak of about 800meg flowing through this port daily but the graph is only showing about 140 to 200 meg peak.

I have this switch graphed in Cacti and it shows the correct 800meg peak bandwidth flowing through this port.

I looked through the ports on the librenms web interface and it shows the 10gig correctly as a 10gig port and the 1gig correctly as 1gig ports so I can’t figure out why it’s not graphing the full bandwidth flowing through the switch.

I would greatly appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction to find the problem.


snmp v1 by any chance?

no, I’m using v2c.

I did try v1 to see if by some strange reason that was the problem but the problem persists.

Post the output of ./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d -r -f -m ports

That outputs a huge amount of text I don’t think I could post it here.

Here’s a dropbox link to txt file:

Did I run that correctly?

I will delete that file fairly quickly so you might save it somewhere locally if you would please.

Please try this patch;

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I’ll continue to watch it but the last few polls have shown the correct bandwidth on the graph so I think the patch fixed the problem.

Thank you so much @laf !