Cisco WLC 9800 not seen as wireless controller but as switch

Hi all,

I have an Cisco WLC9800 in production to serve our clients with WiFi. The only thing it will not see my controller as an controller; it sees it as a switch. I think also this is why it Wireless clients sensor graphs a 0. Also the SSIDs are not populated.

Any idea’s ?

I have the same issue with 9800-40, have you found any workaround?

Hi Shaqayeqsaleh,

No sorry; no work arround at the moment, apparently we are the only 2 persons in the world having this issue :slight_smile:

I’m still hoping somebody can help us out on this.

As you own the devices having the issue, you are most probably the most motivated to solve it.
That being said, it seems that those devices are different than the “old” Cisco WLC design. They run IOS-XE as a normal switch/router.

As a first step, I can suggest to check if they have new MIBs or if they use the same as old WLC
– if yes, the patch is probably not too complicated
– if no, then the complete device support need to be written again

That’s right, Cisco WLC 9800 series are running IOS-XE, they have new MIBs and I can share with you.

You can open a feature request but I would suggest that you add the support yourself if you can find somebody to do it in your organisation. Adding support for a new wireless device is a lot more difficult to do for people not owning the device themselves. The community will help you here and on github.

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Hi PipoCanaja,

I will do my best to create support for this device myself, because i have access to it and see the results immediately.

Only i totally don’t know how to do this or even where to start… i can start with getting the new MIB file; but where should i start ?

Thank you for your help so far.

Kind Regards.