Clicking on Devices --> Device Groups bringing you to groups list

Hi all.

Would it be possible to create a landing page for when you click on the Device Groups link off the Devices menu where it will bring you to a page that lists all of the device groups that would contain information like:

Device Group, Device Group Description, # of items the group has

VMWare Hosts All VMWare ESXi Hosts 15

Also make the Device Group name hot linked to run the group if you click on it.

Currently, when you click on Device Group from the Devices drop down, it brings you back to the dashboard /home page.

Thanks much!


You can make a device group for a VM host like this

and it will show all the VM hosts…but idk about the VM’s tho.

That works for me. Would there be a way to create one for all “Virtual Machines”? I’d like to consolidate all of the VMWare hosts VMs into one place.

Thanks much,


The VM’s in a device group, I have been wondering that myself. Going to have to play with the device group.