Clients for each port?

Hello everyone,
Librenms shows many ips that connect to one port via ARP Table. Is it possible for Librenms to monitor for each of that ip instead of port alone?
One port will have many clients and each will have different ips. Better to make each ip become customer and monitor them.
Any suggestion to workaround or alternative system?
Thanks a lot

Not sure I understand your question.
But you might be looking for the FDB table. There you can see what switchport a client mac/ip is connected. to.
(Overview => FDB tables)

Hi, thanks for your reply. I know about FDB and ARP table, however I want to see the traffic through each one of them.

Can NFsen plugin do such?

Thanks in advanced.

That’s not something a Network Monitoring System can do.

Sure you can try NFsen I think another is Ntop.