CLOSED: Entity for port notes?


similar to my request in

I would like to be able to write a “label” into the port notes and make its non existence a condition of a “port down” alert rule.

However, I’m not able to identify the entity of the port notes …
I checked …/api/v0/ports/, but I’m not able to find anything. There is “port_descr_notes”, but this seems top be something different… read from SNMP of the device.

What is the entity of the port notes and how can I make the non existence of a certain string a condition of a alert rule.
I assume, I have to check for port notes which a NULL as well, right?

Is there a list of all these entities? I tried to get hints from the API documentation… but was not successful…

Thanks for yor help!

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  • awaum

Port notes, I didn’t think we had that.

This is what I mean:

“Notes” in the context of a device port…

What is the entity of this when I want to check in its conetents for an alert rule?

Thank you!

Those are saved in a device attributes table so you can’t really use them in rules.

Hi laf, thank you for letting me know!