Collinson or PowerMaster UPS SNMP

Need help monitoring this UPS we purchased recently. Vendor is washing hand and requested us to contact LibreNMS ourselves to if we want to monitor their UPS.

UPS: Collinson or PowerMaster
Model: 2000

Discovery: UPS discovery - LibreNMS
Poll: UPS poll - LibreNMS
SNMPWalk: UPS snmpwalk - LibreNMS

Screenshot from the device page and LibreNMS.

I added your device using snmpsim, and I got everything working on the first discovery. Seems this is already implemented? Are you sure your LibreNMS version is up-to-date?

Hi Tozz,
Using SNMPv1 I’m able to detect the UPS battery information. (However I notice the OS detected is PowerWalker)
But once I use SNMPv3 its not able to detect the UPS battery.

Below is the MIBS file shared from my vendor.

The OS detected as PowerWalker is because your UPS interface card is a very generic card that is shared between a wild range of vendors. If you Google “ups snmp card” you’ll find pictures of your card from various vendors with multiple product numbers, but they are all the same card.

Have you verified that you can run snmpwalk using SNMPv3 ?

But you haven’t answered my question… Are you sure your LibreNMS installation is up-to-date? I ask this because I added your device using your snmpsim file, and LibreNMS was able to detect everything on the first go.

So it looks like there’s something wrong with your LibreNMS installation.

Hi Tozz,

Sorry, here’s my LibreNMS version info. (24.1.0-67-gd6ce29c05)
I tried running snmpwalk using SNMPv3 with “Device not responding result”. The UPS vendor is not willing to assist me and insist that we use their UPS Management system. (PowerMasterPlus Management)

Would you be able to give me SSH access to your LibreNMS box?

Hi Tozz,

Unfortunately, due to security policies and considerations, we are unable to grant external SSH access at this time.
However, I can assist you in obtaining any specific information or output you require. Please let me know the commands or details you need, and I will do my best to provide the necessary assistance.

Thank you for your understanding.