Combine ports in one graph on the dashboard


There is an option to stagger multiple ports in one graph like this:

However it is not possible to configure such a multiport_bits on the dashboard.

This feature request is to create that functionality for the dashboard.


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please see Single graph, Multiple interfaces

Hi laf,

I also found this post:

This does actually work, but requires a lot of manual work to get the scaling of the graph to be correct.
It also feels ‘wrong’ as you need to manually change all options if you want to change something.

I would really appreciate a ‘multiport bit’ option in the graph widget.
Would that be feasible?


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It can stay open as a feature request we just don’t have the ability now.

Combining stats would be very useful, this is one of the missing features after moving from Cacti

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Any update to this? In addition this request, how about using port-groups for the multiport graph. That way, you only update the ports in the port-group.

Perhaps this would work as a workaround ?

As far as I can see, this could be used to add any graph from anywhere in LibreNMS as a dashboard widget by “misusing” the external image widget.

While this is a workaround, it doesn’t scale well since you’ll need to update the widget and add new portIDs. Since we already have portgroups and a portgroup API, updating the portgroup with new portIDs would be a lot easier to maintain. It would be nice if the widget if were to accept portgroup as a parameter instead of a list of portIDs.

Any chance this has been added yet? This would be really handy!