Hi All,

On the weekend of the 13th, 14th and 15th of January 2023, we will be migrating the website to new infrastructure.

At some point that weekend, the forum will be placed in read only mode so that we can take a backup of the discourse forum, it’s content and settings and migrate it across to our new hosting provider. We will then test login and email functionality before re-enabling the website after the DNS has been updated.

We apologise in advance if this impacts you when reaching out for help. During the migration you can post your queries on our Discord server LibreNMS

We will update this post as we are performing the work so people are aware of when it starts and finishes.


Just a reminder that we’ll be moving the community site this weekend so you will experience a period of time where you won’t be able to post or reply to messages here.

Our migration has started and the forum is in read only mode.

The migration has been completed, things should work ok now but if not please report any issues to us.