COMPLETE: Add support for Technicolor TG670


I would like to request a support of the Broadband Gatways Technicolor TG670. Currently they’re recognized as Generic Device but the overall traffic, the ram and all the sensor etc aren’t working.
I don’t know what you need to make this happen. If you need informations, just ask me (for example, mib etc).

Ps: Great job, keep going :wink:

Is it TG670S ? If yes, what’s your firmware ?
I’ve add tg650s and tg670s support a month ago.
You have to set snmp version 1 (and not v2c) or you will have bugs with interface counter.

Sadly, it’s not the S version. Look to the link below, it’s the version I own.

Ok, that’s why it’s not discovered.
You have the adsl version (S is for VDSL).

can you gave me the snmp output of :

Thanks for your help. here’s the result :

  iso. = STRING: "TG670"
  iso. = OID: iso.


Will try to add this next week.

That’s cool, thank. Can you explain me how you’ve done it ? So next time I could be independant :wink:

Any news ? :slight_smile:

The device should have been added already. Update your install?

see the change log

it is not the same version that is present in the update. I have the TG670 not the TG670+

But from the OID you gave: . - that’s the same for the detection we have so it should work. Make sure your install is up to date. Run ./validate.php and resolve any issues then pastebin the output of ./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m os

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Indeed, it works .

Thanks :wink:

It recognize the OS but I have some issues. All the overall traffic of TG670 are empty.

With a snmpwalk (ifInOctets) the counter display traffic but none in my port graphs. I launch a discovery and poller script with no success.

. /poller.php -h Hostname -d -m ports

Pastebin output

Thank you.

Not sure how you managed to capture that but it’s missing a lot of the actual snmpwalk commands that should be run.

You can do: ./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d -r -f -m ports|./

Looks like all HC data is 0.

You could turn on selected port polling and try this patch:

wget && git apply cf3d7eb42

I had a 404 error code on your page.