Config access for Global Read acounts

I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find an answer. Latest version and all updates for my LibreNMS system. Have Oxidized working just fine, but i can’t have my Global Read accounts see the config button in a device. I have made the change to the oxidized settings php file to allow Global Read accounts to see accounts and can paste the ‘show config’ in the url and it allows the account to see the config and diffs and whatever. The problem is, for the life of me, i can’t find where i can change the behavior of the ‘config’ button on the device page so it will show up for Global Read customers. I know exactly why the developers did this, but for my use case, the config button isn’t important to only be seen by admins. Is there someone out there that can tell me where i can enable this one button for Global Read accounts. I have the permissions correct but can’t get the button to show. i am sure i could add a custom link to pass the url with the ‘show config’ added per device to get there, but it doesn’t look fully integrated like the button would be.



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