Config.yaml on /data/config/ in docker seems not working

Hello everyone,
I get some trouble to init default favicon and title image on docker image.
I tried to put a yaml files in ‘/data/config/’ folder. It s not not changing anything.
yaml file:
favicon: /opt/librnms/html/images/custom/ico.png
title_image: /opt/librnms/html/images/custom/logo.png

like is asked here:

I delete all my db and restart my docker but nothing to do.
I also tried to mount a volume with yaml file in database/seeders/config/webui.yaml
like is asked here:

with this “snmp.max_repeaters: 30”
the snmp.max do not change.

the file have this right:
-rw-r–r-- 1 root librenms 178 Jul 22 13:07 /opt/librenms/database/seeders/config/webui.yaml

could you tell me if you have this trouble to?
thanks for reading.

Please check spelling of librenms

thanks for reply.
but nothings change with good typo.

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