Configuration of the world map

Hello :slight_smile:

I am very new to LibreNMS, but i have gotten everything started and running. I have however found an “issue” that i want to change, but i alone have not found a way to do so.

Said issue is about the world map, or more specific the icons on it (my devices). I would like to change the popup so i can read more information than just hostname. I do not want to have to click on them individually to read their description for example.

Problem is, i have searched but i cannot figure out where i change this. So TL:DR, i want to configure marker popups.

Thanks before hand for any help :slight_smile:

Hey @F1B3R

The file you want to edit is:

Hopefully it’s pretty self explanatory.

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Thank you very much!
Exactly what i was looking for, i am sorry though because i am unsure what to write.
I know where its supposed to be, but how do i write it? Is it supposed to be like “$device->description()” or what is the command for the description in here?

$device->purpose probably.

Tried it, no changes happens with the map, i have however noticed the map on the dashboard has stopped working…

Edit: “Problem with backend” so i suppose i am writing incorrectly? Is there a list of “device->****” commands or are just guessing here? I am able to “fix” the dashboard map by removing everything ive changed.

I have found another way of achieving my goal, not a fix to this specific issue but still :slight_smile:

I have almost the same issue.I do not want to have to click on them individually to read their names.I want all their names just pop up.What did u do to solve this problem?

It would be even better if i could pop up just the red ones.