Configure snmp v3

I am attempting to configure snmpv3 on my Ubuntu Librenms box.
I have installed both packages as stated here When running /configure for net-snmp I used the --enable-blumenthal-aes switch.

openssl >= 1.1 and net-snmp >= 5.8

On the Server when I run snmpget --version, NET-SNMP version: 5.8 is returned
When I run openssl version I get back OpenSSSL 1.1.1j 16 Feb 2021

However if I go to “+ Device” then select “SNMP Version” “v3” I still get the
" Some options are disabled.Read more hear" message for “Auth Algorythem” and I can only select “SHA” of “MD5” from the drop down
Same message on “Crypto Algorithm” I can only select AES or DES

I’m having a hard time finding more instruction on what I’m missing, any help is appreciated.

Iirc it parses the --help output of netsnmp to see what’s supported, you should check what you’re say/support there

lirc? I’m sorry but I’m not sure what that is. Do you have an example of the command I would run?

If I run getsnmp -H to show the snmp.conf and snmp.local.conf

defAuthType              MD5|SHA|SHA-512|SHA-384|SHA-256|SHA-224
defPrivType              DES|AES|AES-128|AES-192|AES-256

These are listed does that not indicate they are active?

So I got the system(Ubuntu) using 5.8 for the snmpd service but when I run the ./valiadte.php the output still shows SNMP 5.7.3.

I can’t seem to find where LibreNMS is getting that version of snmp, is there a symlink or additional snmpd file that is used exclusively by Librenms?

I ended up Updating the Ubuntu OS from 18 to 20.04 which also updated snmpd version to 5.8. So the snmp v3 encryption is now working.

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