Confirmation of Email transport in docs


I have the default contact in General settings, and get the Email notifications no problems.

I’ve added a firewall with syslog ingestion, generated a syslog regex and need that to go to another email address (different from the email address in General Settings).

I can see here:

that multiple email addresses can be added to the “Override sysContact” yet there is no such thing I see anywhere about Override sysContact (maybe a doc error? ).

There is in Device Settings “Override sysLocation” and in there, I have put in multiple email addresses and they are reflected correctly under the main label of the device.

Nevertheless, my question is, if the syslog alert rule is triggered, will an email go out to both email addresses now?


The Override sysContact is in Device Edit → Alert Settings.

Hi. Thank you for directing me to the right place.

I’ve made that edit.