Connecting bird2 with librenms

I want to connect bird2 with librenms, but the bird2 application doesn’t display any results, and when I poll bird2 it produces:
librenms@kln:~$ ./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -r -f -d

Application: bird2, app_id=2
bird2: BGP is not enabled in config

can anyone help solve this problem?

I have exactly the same problem, did you by any change figure out what caused it?

The enable_bgp config parameter has been removed but the bird2 app still looks for it. You can force the existence of the config parameter with: lnms config:set --force enable_bgp true and then it works again.

Here’s the bird2 app code:
Here’s the PR that removed the enable_bgp config parameter: 14931

I’ve created an issue on Github.


thank’s a lot for your information, i can see my bird data with poller.php right now but it still doesn’t show in librenms interface. do you have any suggestion to solve it ?? thanks didrik

access restricted

it’s show that access still restricted.