Copy dashboard between users

how to copy dashboards between users? It is possible to do via MYSQL command?
Could you send me an example?

You can share dashboards to others, so others can use your dashboard too.
you can configure that beside the field on which you specify the dashboard name in Dashboard Editor Mode.

Yes that’s true but in this case is not a solution.
When I share dashboards, all users see this data. In my case i would like to share dashboards between couple (not to all) users. In this case - my dashboard must be private but I would like to “share” to other not all users. In this scenario all my Admins see my dashboard, but my clients dont see my dashboard. When I use share, alle see my dashboard.

this is not implemented yet.
But sounds like a good new feature to be implemented.
A Pull Request which implements this would be very welcome.
Thinking about Options in Selection Box like this:

  • Share all
  • Share all (Read)
  • Share Admins
  • Share Admins (Read)

Maybe better create a group and assign user to group, dashboard to group and privileges to group too.

User role model doesn’t exist.
At Moment only these User Level exists:

  • global read
  • normal user
  • Admin user
    so working with one/several groups seems not such easy without implementing user role model before.
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Recently found this feature, fantastic - I was googling, found a 2019 post asking for it, now I’ve found a 2020 post showing it’s possible and it does indeed work.

Sorry to push it here, do you know if it’s possible to copy the ‘layout’? It copied over all my widgets and their config but it didn’t put their sizing / layouts - is that possible or is that a cookie thing that can’t be easily replicated?