Correct interface name truncated in "Total traffic" graphs

Interface names are truncated in “Total Traffic” graphs and some ports are not recognisable :

I know it is 10,11,12 but just can’t see it.
Anyone could help me to solve?

Is there a way to sort the interfaces order in the legend ?

Does anyone have the same problem?

I dont understand what you asking

@Kevin_Krumm Got it. @Hung is asking if there is a way to see the interface name “complete” instead of truncated as the captures shows.
I don’t use the legend on this graph most of the time. But I found a Huawei device to reproduce this issue in my equipments.
Only option here, change the length at which the trucate is done.

For Q2, that is not possible today. Any contribution is welcomed to add this.

PS/ I edited @Hung post.


I am very grateful for your response.
So,it’s mean device not support on the graphs?

For Q2, I asked this question because the Switch traffic has increased at the same time. I want to find out which port, it is difficult to find out.

And I think it save on mysql.
So if I use PHP reads MySQL database, maybe it could sort ?

You can sort ports by traffic per device, it will sort with the combination of In and Out Rate.

Device → Ports → Click Traffic column.


Thanks for your reponds.
You mean this?

It is real time traffic,but I want to know history.
Like this:

As far as you look…
When 3/6 06:00 ~ 08:00
The traffic very high…but could not sout it.
And it’s also let Switch down…
These questions have always puzzled me. I’m extremely keen on finding out.
biweekly happend…

Somebody need to write a patch to get the interface names visible for Q1.
For Q2, sorting is possible, but only using the last measurement like @Chas suggested. The SQL database only store the last values so there is no way to sort the average as you seem to want.