Could not add device after fresh install

Hi guys, I’m really new to Librenms and after installing, I had trouble adding devices, including the host device. I tried a lot of things that I found, but had no luck.
Please help!

Have you setup SNMP correctly on devices you are trying to monitor?
The according to the errors it doesnt get a connection on the community “public”, maybe you have applied your own community like you should. But then you need to type the community in the community field.
Also if you have followed the SNMP instructions in the documentation you should have either set your own community on the server or if you didnt change it will be the one that is described in the documentation.

I was able to solve it by running all this as “Librenms” user (except the second command, I think that command won’t let you run it with “librenms” user). Run it as root user first, then with librenms user.

$ curl -o /usr/bin/distro
$ chmod +x /usr/bin/distro (I think this one won’t let you)
$ systemctl enable snmpd
$ systemctl restart snmpd
$ chown librenms:librenms /opt/librenms/config.php

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