Count running custom processes

I’m monitoring a device’s processes to ensure the necessary ones are running. On an example device I need 2 instances of Brave browser running.

I’ve installed check_mk (Check_MK Setup - LibreNMS Docs) and can see the processes listed under the device in LIbreNMS.

I am trying to setup an alert based on the following:

processes.command contains brave-browser

How should I go about counting the number of occurrences of this process running?

EDIT: Have tried this custom SQL to no avail:

SELECT * FROM devices,processes WHERE (devices.device_id = ? AND devices.device_id = processes.device_id) AND processes.command LIKE '%brave-browser%' > 1

Hello, I can’t help you with checkmk, but I want to say that there is an alternative where Windows can check the status of processes / services without an agent, just using SNMP.

It’s possible to use this Nagios script

and then use services for monitoring / alterting


Great, thanks. I’ll take a look when I get to my Windows devices.

At the moment this is for some Linux boxes.

Keeping this alive…