CPU usage on EMC DataDomain


we are migrating from observium to librenms.

We see a strange thing in the cpu graph for a Dell EMC DataDomain device.

If we look at the cpu graph, the numbers doesn’t seem to match what we see in the system.

If we compare date to date observium and librenms, we see that the pattern is the same, but there is a 10% difference in the values.

So my guess is that librenms is picking the value of another mib from the device, but I would like to be sure on how we can get the accurate value ? The correct value seems to be the one picked up by observium as the values does match in this case.

Here is the discovery result of the device : Untitled - LibreNMS
Here is the polling result of the device : Untitled - LibreNMS

Thanks in advance.


As per your discovery, LibreNMS took it from standard HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrProcessorLoad

Whats the accurate one? Best way to know it is comparing with console tool like top or something.

Hello, thanks for your answer.

The accurate one is the one reported by observium, we see the same in the systems tools.

I will check if I can get the same kind of debug output in observium to check what is used by it.

Here is what I found doing the discovery in observium for the same device.

So it seems that the same OIDs are querried. Can it be that there is a difference in the calculations from the retrieved values ?

hrProcessorLoad.196608 = 4
hrProcessorLoad.196609 = 4
hrProcessorLoad.196610 = 9
hrProcessorLoad.196611 = 6
hrProcessorLoad.196612 = 7
hrProcessorLoad.196613 = 6
hrProcessorLoad.196614 = 4
hrProcessorLoad.196615 = 4
hrProcessorLoad.196616 = 4
hrProcessorLoad.196617 = 2
hrProcessorLoad.196618 = 7
hrProcessorLoad.196619 = 8
hrProcessorLoad.196620 = 4
hrProcessorLoad.196621 = 4
hrProcessorLoad.196622 = 4
hrProcessorLoad.196623 = 6
hrProcessorLoad.196624 = 2
hrProcessorLoad.196625 = 3
hrProcessorLoad.196626 = 2
hrProcessorLoad.196627 = 2
hrProcessorLoad.196628 = 2
hrProcessorLoad.196629 = 2
hrProcessorLoad.196630 = 2
hrProcessorLoad.196631 = 3
hrProcessorLoad.196632 = 1
hrProcessorLoad.196633 = 1
hrProcessorLoad.196634 = 1
hrProcessorLoad.196635 = 1
hrProcessorLoad.196636 = 1
hrProcessorLoad.196637 = 1
hrProcessorLoad.196638 = 1
hrProcessorLoad.196639 = 1