Create a new rule for HPE MSA storage

I cannot figure out how to create a rule based on “Health” paremeters of the device.
I have added a storage type of device (HPE MSA storage server), SNMP is fine, I get all details I need.
However, I would like to add a rule, which triggers when
Class: state
Type: connUnitStatus
Changes: from 3 to 4 or 5

I don’t understand what should be used it Alert Rule. Tried to google and search on forums, bet don’t get the concept of the rule queries. Is connUnitStatus a type of sensor? or it’s storage.state?

many thanks


We are using this rule to monitor the status of our HPE iLO cachebatteries, maybe it works for you too with a little modification?

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Thanks, Matte
I tried the following combination and it worked:

connUnitStatus is equal 4 when MSA is in Warning state (disk/array failure). Healthy/normal state is 3.

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